Reaction: World Series Game 5

There are losses. 

Then there are LOSSES.

The St. Louis Cardinals LOST game 5 of the World Series. They took game 5, put it on a serving platter, walked it over to Ron Washington in the Texas dugout and threw it in his lap. A big steaming pile of win. All over Arlington.

You don’t need Bill James to break this one down, friends. The Cardinals left 7 runners on base in scoring position. Inning after inning a different Cardinal would come to bat with a chance to drop the hammer and salt this game away. Inning after inning, the Cardinals whiffed, popped up, grounded out and cooked up some tasty LOBster.

It was brutal. It was unrelenting.

By the bottom of the 8th rolled around, I think you knew what was coming. A lead-off double started a rally that scored 2 runs and started closing the coffin top.


I just stared at the computer screen for 5 minutes trying to think of some bit of analysis that seemed even mildly insightful. I came up with absolutely nothing. Some games you can pick at for hours and wonder what if this or what if that. Then there are games like this where it comes down to putting good wood on a ball when it matters.

The Cardinals came up limp. Now they limp home down 3-2 in the series and needing a miracle — good starts from Garcia & Lohse — in back to back nights to win 11 in 11. Perhaps it’s this sites nature to doubt this team, but even in St. Louis, that’s more than a tall order. That’s a damn pipe dream.

Unlike in 2004 when the Red Sox forced the medicine down the Cardinals throats and made them like it, this World Series feels like it should be over.

It isn’t, though. It’s probably headed for a Game 7 and another chance to take years off our collective lives.

This team.

STUD: Bar Napoli. Nailed Craig twice at second. 2 RBIs. Just killing the Cardinals this series and the leader for MVP.

DUD: Albert Pujols. Couldn’t make contact on two hit-n-runs and left Craig out to dry. Doesn’t seem to be able to focus when Washington lets him bat the past two games.

BOTTOM LINE: Hmmm, the Cardinals have to win game 6 or it’s over? Yep. I think that’s the bottom line.


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