Snow Day!

St. Louis is expected to get 134″ of snow, 40′ of ice and we will all be dead by 9p.

But you’re telling me I don’t have to go to work? NICE.

Now you’re probably not used to the joys of a snow-day. You’ve probably been working dutifully for years and years and haven’t experienced the unbridled joy of getting free day off without your boss requesting you fill out 15 forms to get it approved. So you’re most likely wandering around the house right now wondering just what hell you’re supposed to do.

Well, you hopped on the Internet. That’s a good start.

Here’s a step by step guide on wasting the next 20 minutes with stupid memes, stupider videos and even stupider Tumblrs. It’s like the the Friday Links with a bit more creativity.

1- Get out of bed. It’s 10:30, you need to be awake. LINK HERE

2- Thank whoever you pray to that this isn’t your sister. LINK HERE

3- Give yourself some motivation. LINK HERE

4- Culturally diversify. LINK HERE

5- Check and see if you can really afford to have the day off. LINK HERE

6- Remember what you did last night. LINK HERE (NSFW)

7- Check if Charlie Sheen is dead yet. LINK HERE

8- Watch a bunch of controlled demolition explosions. LINK HERE

Rinse and repeat. And now that I think about it, the blizzard hasn’t come yet and I’m bored. If you’ve got suggestions on how to enjoy the day, please feel free to post them in the comments below…


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