STL Cards? Crack.

The last time the Cardinals stood on the field at Busch Stadium (in front of fans, you nit picking SOB) it was September 25th. They’d just won two nail-biters against the bottom feeding Cubs and felt like they had overcome that Friday’s terrible loss many, including everyone that writes here, pinpointed as the end. 

Big T. Bigger E.

Anything happen since then?

Jose Altuve. Matt Downs. Brian Bogusevic. Those are three of the 104 loss Astros that the Cardinals surrendered a one run loss to last Monday. Another low point and apparent slap in the face to all of us that had been sucked back in to the 2011 season against our will. It’s one thing to lose to the Phillies or Brewers. But Brian Fucking Bogusevic? 

2 wins, an epic Braves collapse, a Wild Card berth and a masterful win by the… ahem… Cardinals bullpen… later and we’re looking at the pivotal game in the NLDS.

And if we’re being honest… who the hell knows what to expect.

Everything is on the table. I mean EVERYthing. From seeing a perfect game to being beat by 30 runs, I don’t think that anything I see Tuesday night is going to surprise me. Anger me? Maybe. Elate me? Hopefully. But surprise me? Nah. Can’t do it. This team has set the bar for bi-polar play too high.

Think about this past week if you doubt me. Both Friday and Monday of last week, I would have bet every single dollar I had that the Cardinals weren’t going to be in the playoffs. Days later, I’m not convinced that these guys couldn’t really win the World Series somehow.


Collectively, this team has probably cut 2 to 3 years off the average life span of their fans. Each day is fraught with new lows and higher highs. It’s like crack.

This team is literally crack.

And one thing a good crackhead knows is that you don’t need to waste time wallowing in the come-down. Hell no you don’t. You get right back on that pipe and take a rip. If that doesn’t get your head right, you do it again. Until you feel that high again.

You drove me to this Cardinals. YOU. And I’ll be seeing you around 4p. 



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