Super Bowl Ads Report Card

The Super Bowl game has been challenged. The Green Bay Packers have finally rose up and defended the honor of our nation’s women against Big Benjamin Roethlisberger. But not before said women’s reprehensive to sing our National Anthem was, shall we say, botched.

The game itself was an equitable exchange of time for entertainment. But what we really care about, the ads, is what we came here to discuss today.

The Top 3:

Chrysler  (Detroit) – Marketing at its best here, people. Engaging, thoughtful, wow inducing and chill inducing.  I have absolutely no connection to Detroit. I’ve been there once when I was a kid, I think? And quite frankly I hate the Red Wings and am a little over Eminem.  But this? This is a brilliant spot. LINK HERE

VW (Darth Vader) – Kids. Some people think they’re cute. Kids in Darth Vader outfits trying to use ‘the force’? Every person thinks they’re cute. Fun idea, great execution. Very re-watchable. LINK HERE

NFL (Famous Sitcoms) – Lot’s of hard work and kind of a waste of a pretty clever idea to promote something like the NFL, which we were already consuming. But nonetheless, fun to look back on famous sitcoms and have the characters re-imagined with their NFL officially licensed gear on. LINK HERE

Honorable Mention:

Career Builder (Monkeys in Car) – Not original. Not terribly funny. But monkeys with briefcases is really something that resonates with me for some reason. LINK HERE

Stella Artois (Crying Jean) – Credit A-B for not compromising on this one. They went with a stylized spot that stood out and didn’t compromise. Best placement? You could argue this one was more Mad Men than Super Bowl- but at least there were no crotch shots. LINK HERE

The Bottom 3:

Lipton Brisk (Eminem) – There is no shame in not buying a Super Bowl ad. I think some of these marketers buy the slot, then figure out the creative as they go. The pressure builds as everyone realizes they’ve got to hit a home run. And since someone’s ass is on the hook for 3M+, you get water-downed, half-baked spots like this one. LINK HERE

Home Away (Action Movie) – I guess they’re getting their brand awareness out there. I guess. But the payoff on these huge action spots needs to be better than what we have here. Seems like a lot of noise for something I’m not really sure of what it is. LINK HERE

Groupon ( Himalayan Mountains) – Take your 6 billion dollars Google and WATCH THIS! This kind of off spot ended with a guy reading off a teleprompter you can see in his eyes.  These guys are funny. They write clever copy all day long. They could and should have done better for the little guy. LINK HERE


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