The Cardinals ‘Cam Shirt’ Hits

Yesterday on Twitter, I was having a discussion with a couple friends of the site about some bro-tastic Cardinal shirts, when I came across what many are calling “A Doozy”:

A few observations:

1) Holy Assballs.
1a) That’s the exact opposite of “Bro”. I saw it – it’s in the dictionary.
2) The price was $198 to begin with and now it’s on “sale” at $139.97. You almost had me, MLB Shop. So close.
3) Out of all the million bazillion people on Facebook…NO ONE has ‘Liked’ this shirt yet? Have a sense of humor people. I think we can get this to 100 Likes, who’s with me?
4) Did ask Cam from Modern Family to come in and help design some shirts for them? God, I hope so.
5) Look at those cuffs. Seriously, behold all of their wonder:

Despite a ton of fashion articles on my blogging resume, and all the fashion talk here at the CD, the rumors of Trumbsy, the ML and myself starting our own Fashion Police show are wildly inaccurate. Plus, I’m half as FAB-ulous as the dude on that show. And I don’t bang nearly enough guys.

We don’t ask much of our loyal fans, but we’ve got some homework for you. The first thing is to click on the link at the top of the article and “Like” this on Facebook. If your friends know you, they’ll appreciate the irony, plus it’ll be something to talk about during a long and boring Tuesday. And most importantly, if you end up seeing this in the wild this week, whether it’s at Busch, or Hrabosky’s at 1am, click a photo of the guy for us. We’ll make it worth your while. Just don’t sleep with him, ladies. Although you’ll know that he’s got way too much money, so by all means…

UPDATE: There are actually seven other teams with these shirts – LINK HERE. The one with Mr. Met on the back is awesome.