The CD Covers The U2 Concert: Recap

U2 has rolled into St. Louis.

Or at least 18 monster trucks carrying what looks to be enough steel to… ahem, build a Ball Park Village… has. And while the pictures (LINK HERE) of Busch Stadium without any grass take root on the Internets, I think it’s time we looked back on the CardsDiaspora.com coverage of the concert:

1. How U2 could ruin the Cardinals season 11/2/10: LINK HERE

2. The first renderings of how U2’s stage will look in Busch Stadium 11/7/10: LINK HERE

3. How bad does U2 suck: LINK HERE

Ok, that last one wasn’t us, I suppose. But at least someone said it.

I’m not a fan of U2. Never really have been. And, in fact, have a hard time thinking of a U2 song that I’d really want to to even turn up on the radio if it came on right now.

But to each their own. And 50K+ will pack the Cardinals home this Sunday for a concert. Let’s just hope the decision to totally rape the field in the NAAAAAAMMMMEEEEE of love, wan’t an awful idea.

Carry on.


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