The CD Rounds Up to Call Ourselves Average

Yesterday, Hooks shared an email from a reader (apparently “ex-reader” now) who criticized us for bashing the Cardinals when they were sucking, and that we can’t be true fans now that they are winning.

I’m not supposed to rip the guy apart too much because times are good, and we shouldn’t be focused on little petty comments or critiques. We should be talking about game three tonight.

But…I don’t take fan police towards myself lightly, so: I’m not sure what he saw out of the team who was swept by the visiting Dodgers in late August that made him say, “HEY EVERYONE WE GOT THIS!” followed (I hope) by a shitty Band of Buds bro-tivational speech to the Cards Talk message board. I watched that series, and that was an awful effort by an awful team who was seemingly counting the days until their October tee times. We at the CD don’t get joy out of blogging about Cardinal losing streaks. We wouldn’t have daily content if we were fair-weather fans. We’re going to live and die with the Cardinals, but we’re not going to clap blindly like idiots, cheering “Good Pitching Change Tony!”, or “Good Move Johnny Mo!” when it clearly wasn’t.

We’re always looking for constructive criticism of our site, so since the Cards had the day off, we poked around for some more comments about us and came across our ratings page on the Android Marketplace. Yes, you may have forgotten that we have our own Android and iPhone app, and you should download it. If it were up to me, we’d have crazy shit like puzzles and a Raffy Furcal vs. Julian Tavarez knife-fight game on our app, but we just have articles. It’s still pretty neat, go download it.

Here’s probably the least surprising statement ever made on this site: we’re very polarizing. You either love us or hate us. Even though this is a small sample size, I think the results would be about the same no matter how many more people you asked.
And because we’re not done topping ourselves with obvious statements:
CD_low_maturityD’OHHHHH! Damn you Google, you know us without actually knowing us!

My two favorite comments came within four days of each other, and neither one is very favorable:

Oh, it looks like one was just added last night from some guy named Shaun: “Five Stars. Because there was no option for six.”

You sound like a top-notch guy Shaun, we should hang out.