The Champs


Not a word found anywhere in this article (LINK HERE) entitled “The Fork Has Been Stuck. Again.” that was penned on September 5th. Chump? Yes. Champ? No.

54 days later and the St. Louis Cardinals are now World Series Champs for the 11th time in their illustrious existence. Seriously guys, what just happened? 

Perspective is never easy so close. Every conversation you’ll have this weekend and next week at the office will be laced with more superlatives than you can shake a stick at. Best World Series ever. Most satisfying championship of the 11. Greatest comeback team of all-time. For the time being, I’ll leave those arguments for another time. The one thing, more than any other, that I’ll take from this season is simple:

The 2011 Cardinals are why I love sports.

180 times this team took the field this calendar year. Up until about yesterday at 9:30p, I wasn’t sure what this team actually was. I’ve been mad at this team; I’ve been sad for this team. I’ve loved this team; I’ve given up on this team. Name an emotion and I’ve felt it over the past 180 games. It’s not always been fun, but in the end it was so, so satisfying. We all invested emotional capital in the 2011 Cardinals… the dividends paid back out were large.

With sports you just never know. Cliches are cliches because they’re pretty much true. Don’t give up, because you just never know. I think I read that in my Twitter feed a couple months back and just unfollowed on the spot. How could they be SO STUPID? I wish I knew who that Cards fan was so I could send them an apology.

The Cardinals gave credence to all the cliches. The Cardinals gave up 180 mini-dramas and one big narrative at the end.

The Cardinals gave us memories that we’ll never forget.

Oh, and another championship.

Check out some of the pics that I took during GM 7 of the World Series 2011. They’re mostly crap, but hey, pictures!


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