The Mad Librarian Cuts and Pastes!

I’m struggling to articulate my feelings about this season, but I’m working on a little something something for next week. In the meantime, here are two great bits of ridiculousness.

First, David Price jacked one out of the park during batting practice in May and celebrated in fine style as he (unnecessarily, natch) rounded the bases: bat flip, cartwheel, cartwheel, slide, somersault, finger guns. YouTube’s share feature is busted so I’m subbing in this fine photograph and some linkage. I’ll update with embedded video when YouTube pulls it together. (Note to YouTube: We wear caps and sleeves at this level, son.)

As for this, there is something distinctly circus-like and not right about it. Thank you, New York Times, for creating an association between carnys and the Phillies pitching staff in my mind. (To be fair, I already had that association with one-fourth of the gents below. I won’t name names. I think you know.) 

So: more of the timely, thought-provoking analysis you’ve come to expect from me. Why do serious journalistsTM hate sports bloggers?