The Pujols Story Is Heating Up

I wouldn’t want to be the owner of the St. Louis Cardinals right now.

Not that it wouldn’t be fun to be the one figuring out new and creative ways to suck money out of the hard working schlub, but when most of that money is going to go to one player and i’m trying to protect my pile of cash… that can’t be fun.

Albert Pujols is nearing the three week deadline for signing a new deal, and ESPN’s Jayson Stark took a shot across the bow yesterday saying that not only will the Cardinals have to pony up BIG bucks to keep the franchise cornerstone in St. Louis, but that the Cardinals will have to pay him so much money that Scott Boras can’t even use it against anyone.

That’s scary. Jason?

“Now it’s more likely that Prince will have that stage to himself. But Prince Fielder is not Albert Pujols. As one agent put it, “[Scott] Boras will try to make those two guys comparable. But Prince matches up with Mark Teixeira. Nobody matches up with Albert.” (Talking about what happens after Albert gets PAID.)

You hear that? No one.

In fact, Stark also points out that unlike other record setting deals that help set the stage for everyone, this deal will be so massive that it’s going to instantly be considered an anomaly and just moved on from.

Read the whole article: LINK HERE

Stark feels that 8/240 is a nice little compromise for the Cardinals and Albert. To which I say- ME want compromise. And also say- pay the damn guy. I know it sucks forking over hundreds of millions of dollars to one player. But this isn’t just one player- it’s Albert Freaking Pujols. The guy who if he never plays an inning of that contract, I will tell my grandchildren I once got to see. The guy who you order season ticket packs with his name on it. The guy that a generation of kids idolize like mine did with Michael Jordan. The guy who retired #5 in St. Louis.

Oh, and if you haven’t clicked on that link already- be warned. Stark thinks that the Cubs are the front-runners for Pujols if he doesn’t sign in the next 24 days.



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