The Real World Wrigley Field: When People Stop Getting Real and Start Being Polite

confusedSo, I went to the game last night.  And it was…WEIRD?  Like, it was extremely civil?  Maybe it’s because it was a school night, but beyond one guy telling me how great Albert is going to look in Cubbie blue next year (cue a triple splash super BARF), it was hardly even acknowledged that this was a relevant rivalry. 

Hell, even the bleachers seemed tame.  Minus one girl-on-girl catfight late in the game, I’m not so sure that everyone wasn’t sleeping over there.  (Sort of like Soriano in left.  Good grief, what is THAT guy’s deal?)

I realize it’s unusual for the Cardinals to come to town during the middle of the week, but it was honestly kind of pathetic.  I’m not used to having conversations with Cubs fans in the middle of these games that aren’t centered around how much I hate them and literally want to light them on fire.  And besides his normal huffing and puffing, even my buddy Carlos didn’t do anything terribly entertaining.  And Carlos is ALWAYS good for a laugh!  The only thing that seemed to generate any kind of energy amongst the Cubs fans was a plate appearance by Ryan Theriot and that is just depressing for ALL OF US.

If I’m being totally honest here, (TRUTH ZONE!), this all made me very uncomfortable.  Even when Kerry Wood choked up the go ahead runs, I didn’t get so much as a hostile or pointed glance.


It sort of makes me sad, as it’s like they’ve already lost the will to live.  And where is the fun in THAT?  This is only interesting as long as Cubs fans remain hopelessly delusional.

Anyway, the forgiving atmosphere was probably a good thing because things could easily have gone the other way. 


Carpenter couldn’t seem to get his act together and had the Cubs managed to execute any sort of defense we would likely be telling a very different story today. However, a victory is a victory!  My first live Cards game of the season didn’t cause ALL of my brains to melt down into nuclear waste, so for that I’m grateful.  We’ll take our breaks where we can get them, amiright, guys?

Also, RIP Tony LaRussa’s right eye.  Holy hell, it looks like a canker sore married a baboon carcass and then tried to eat his face.  GET WELL SOON!