The Reds Need To Get Punched & Friday Links

Last Friday I deep teased an interview that Fresh WC had pending with Ozzie Smith. I’m happy to report that those two were able to connect on a very witty and informative level.


For some reason the audio the last 150 seconds or so sucked, which happened to be some of the best parts of the talk. So we’ve got people smarter than us (read: anyone) trying to clean up that last bit of digital conversation and will get it up in one form or another next week.

This weekend the Reds come into town- what say you Brandon Phillips:



Oh, and don’t forget about when the Reds were having open rooting sessions for Wainwright to be shut down for the season: LINK HERE

You get the point.

Hopefully the Cardinals brought on Cam Janssen for a series.

Now, the Friday Links…

  • Pi is opening in downtown STL. LINK HERE
  • How long can you endure NYAN Cat? LINK HERE
  • Mel Gibson’s new movie, The Beaver, is being called a masterpiece. For real. LINK HERE
  • A lesson in taunting. LINK HERE
  • The Trump electoral map. LINK HERE
  • Sad thing, I actually got excited that this was real. LINK HERE

That’s it for the week. If they can actually get some baseball off the next three days in between the driving rain… watch out.


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