The Time Is Near For Pujols And The Friday Links

So that Albert Pujols scoop that we’ve got? 

You’re going to have to wait on that. We got to make it better than it is now. So you don’t get it today. Besides, traffic always sucks on a Friday, so you guys don’t deserve nice things on Friday.

Speaking of Pujols, that Winter Warm-Up came and went and now we’re nearly a week later without any new news about the contract for #5. I mean, it’s not like Spring Training is forever away. And it’s not like nine figure contracts get done overnight. So let’s hope the Cardinals and the Pujols camp are really trying to do something behind the scenes. Because if this team just decides to gamble with this guy not having the stones to take himself to free agency… then they deserved to be burned.

And if there is one thing we’ve learned these past 10 seasons- don’t bet against Albert Pujols. Ever.

But by some strange way if AP gets on the internet and finds this particular article, I beg of you Mr. Pujols to sign with the Angels. Their games are never on here in St. Louis. We’d only see you 3 games every 3 years max and I could just go out of town or something those days and I could remember you like I want.

But if you somehow go to the Cubs? I’d have to just stop watching baseball for a while. Probably not forever, but long enough to get away from any Cubs fan for a few years. It would just be so traumatizing on so many levels. Especially after Ryan Theriot said he ‘was finally on the right side of the rivalry’ and all the Cubs players got pissy making 2011 the year the Cardinals have 2 spicy rivalries. To follow what is going to be an excellent 2011 with you in a Cubs uni in 2012?

On to the Friday Links. I can’t even write about this anymore. Makes me sick…

  • The Edwardsville Intelligencer with a surprising expose on TLR’s first question guy. LINK HERE
  • Stern Show fans- a Sal and Richard tribute page. LINK HERE
  • The Oatmeal does it again with ‘The Bobcats’. LINK HERE
  • The 50 most loathsome people in America 2010. LINK HERE
  • Natalie Portman’s extended dork laugh, the re-cut. LINK HERE
  • The faces of the rejected bachelorettes. The Tumblr. LINK HERE

Should have a post over at SB Nation STL on the Browns hiring of Pat Shurmur later today. So if you’re reading this in the PM, feel free to click over there and get your farewell shots in for the former Rams offensive coordinator. And enjoy the snow this weekend. Grab a sled.


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