Things You Probably Don’t Care About: Clarkson Eyecare Prizepack Edition

If you come to Cards Diaspora often, it’s probably because you crave honest opinions…and lots of useless information.

We’ve got some top notch useless information today, as we reveal the prize pack given to the fans who appear on the Clarkson Eyecare Vision Challenge during every Cardinal game. If you don’t know what that is, you 1) don’t go to games, 2) don’t pay attention to anything on the jumbotron or 3) spend way too much time at the concession stand, fatboy.

So on Monday night, a friend of the site scored box seats and invited me down to the stadium. We were in our seats for maybe ten minutes when a girl with a mic and bag of goodies stood right in front of us, apparently looking for someone to take the not-so-hard vision/trivia challenge. Women tend to flock to us seemingly everywhere we go, whether it’s just plain good looks, or the smell of success that being associated with brings.

I “gently encouraged” the young woman to select David for the challenge, as a ‘thank you’ for the great seats, along with the riches that I assumed the Clarkson Eyecare folks gave out 81 nights a year.

After getting the opportunity to say “Sanchez” in front of 30,000 people, David took down the illustrious prize pack of:

– A Clarkson Eyecare pen
– A spongy ball designed to look like an eye
– Some wraparound sunglasses from 1998, or possibly from the NASCAR line of eye-wear (or both)
– Contact solution
– Thor (the movie) giftbox: (Contents Below…)
        – “Hammer Time” shirt that’s way too small for the three of us who went

        – A Thor hat

        – Thunderstix
        – Bumper sticker (now we’re talking 1988)

Whoa, massive stuff there Cardinals. At least we got to see a guy with a ponytail mullet: