Vince Coleman Pop Culture Minute… Barry Bonds

Vince Coleman would like to comment on the Barry Bonds fiasco. 

Is Vince Coleman the only person that has a hard time accepting that it’s a coincidence that this circus began in perfect conjunction with MLB’s opening week?

Isn’t anyone even a little concerned that our judicial system thinks it has the resources to piss away on whether or not some asshole that played a children’s game for a living told a fib?

For the record, Vince Coleman doesn’t like Barry Bonds, at all. One time, Barry Bonds slapped Vince Coleman like a woman at a titty bar in Scottsdale. Barry was with all his boys and at the time was a gigantic man with a incredible roid rage. Had it been 1989, Vince Coleman would have stomped his ass out.

But in 1996, Vince Coleman didn’t have a lot of fight left in him. He was pretty happy just to be getting free drinks and telling waitresses that he once stole 110 bases and was way more handsome than Rickey Henderson.

Did Barry Bonds take steroids? Hell yes. So did all those other dudes you think were better than that. That’s not the point. The point is there are real problems in this country that sure as shit deserve the time, money, and media attention that this silly witch hunt is getting. This whole mess is just another slap in the face of the American taxpayer and yet another black eye for what is supposed to be America’s Pastime.

It’s a sad day when Vince Coleman feels sorry for Barry Bonds.

…Go VCU…