Will The Cubs Dugout Brawl Lead To Pujols Playing For Cubs?

So the Cubs are fighting in the dugout during their second spring training game of 2011, eh?

Or not, actually.

While your gut reaction to this bunch of losers coming to blows over meaningless baseball at the beginning of March is to laugh and point and hashtag #CubsSuck all day long on Twitter… my initial reaction was uh-oh- does this mean Pujols is going to actually be a CUB? AGRHHHH!!!

Let’s back up…

Yes. The fact that these guys are already melting down does provide satiation to us born and bred to loath anything wearing small bears and pin stripes. But in the more global picture, it’s kind of an early referendum on Mike Quade and his controversial hire. Cub watchers are going to be putting Quade under the microscope this spring and any misstep by the rookie skipper will be blown through the prism of Ryne Sandberg and bloated 100x bigger by the local Chicagoan press.

One thing leads to another. A fight to a tense spring. A tense spring to a faltering start. A faltering start to another losing season. Another losing season to an absolute need to do something drastic to turn this franchise around.

Uh. Oh.

The Cubs, while we’re loath to admit it, need to have a run at the NL Central or the Wild Card in 2011. If they flop hard, the pressure is going to be on Cubs ownership to make a SPLASH in 2012. We all saw the Undercover Boss episode, right? These people are swayed easily. Who better than to put the Cubbies back on the map than one Mr. Jose Alberto Pujols?

Nobody. That’s who.

So while you were deciding on which meme to try and get caught on with this fight, just realize that the lurch Mr. Pujols has left the Cardinals in for 2011. We can’t even enjoy a trucking Cubs dugout fight in March without it having implications far beyond YouTube.


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