A Peek Into Mike Matheny’s Office

Mike Matheny moved into his new office this weekend. It’s had only one occupant, but from the looks of the video footage, all TLR holes have been patched and a fresh coat of paint has been slapped up on the walls.

First, let’s note Matheny’s casual headgear. Those look like blood soaked stakes. Awesome! We’ve got ourselves a metal fan. Move over Bobby Knight, Tommy Iommi is in the HOUSE!

Oh. Those are the stakes that were driven through Jesus when he was nailed to a cross to atone for our sins? Who else thinks this year is going to be really, really Christian? I mean like REALLY Christian.

The Secret. I searched long and hard on Amazon for 4 minutes and couldn’t find out what this Secret was. Doesn’t seem to look like the cult classic. Good news, though, Mike doesn’t like reading much. He’s already courting his base.

Dude. Old school pot? You’re the manager of a Major League team. Get a Keurig. 

More fun with Coach Mike’s office as we get more TV footage. Until then, we wait to see what he puts on his walls. Any guesses? That famous knife



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