Analyzing The Lingerie Football League Try-Outs

The Cardinals put together 3 wins in a row for the first time since, like, 1987 over the weekend. Luckily we get to feast on these bottom feeders 6 times per season, ensuring 4-5 wins in interleague play.

Are the Cardinals back on track? Ready to push the Reds for the NL Central lead? Who the hell knows. A stiffer test awaits in Miami this week and we can reassess after that. But let’s not get cozy with the idea that this squad is anything more than some post riders until they push to at least 5 games over .500.

In the meantime (and in anticipation of a very feminine Bachlorette post tonight) let’s take a look at some pictures from the tryouts for the new St. Louis Saints franchise stating this year in the LFF.

Lingerie Football League. That’s right, men. Ladies in sports bras tackling eachother.

PS: The original St. Louis Saints might not be too happy about all this. Has anyone gotten a comment from them: LINK HERE

Some observations, if we may:

The coaching staff is so 2002 it hurts. He left tryouts to go see Minority Report in the theaters.

This woman can’t get enough attention, can she? I mean, she already ruined the Athletica. Not the Saints, Hope. NOT the Saints! 

These guys. Webster’s has already changed out ‘Leering’ on their online dictionary.

Sometimes the jokes write themselves. (Yes, his name is not spelled correctly on this photo. But I think he should spell it like this, so it’s not getting changed.)

See the full slideshow with video (LINK HERE). And consider this payment for the past 6 weeks of Bachlorette talk.



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