Ballpark Village: A Failure Slowly Revealed

Ballpark Village.

It’s been a whipping post for this site since our inception and as the Cardinals admission of failure slowplay moves towards it’s ultimate crescendo, another tasteful admission of failure has been launched. It’s called the St. Louis Cardinals Virtual Hall Of Fame.

A well constructed web site worth lauding. You know, if it had an accompanying Hall Of Fame that people could visit.

A refresher? Why don’t we…

In the fantasy pic we see what was envisioned. A welcome addition to downtown. A bustling area of commerce in an area in a city that could use more commerce. And hell, it’s sitting right outside of Busch Stadium. The epicenter of St. Louis for anywhere from 81 to 92 days per year. Perfect, right? Please note that some architect must have been a big fan of Harry’s and envisioned future where you could get your baseball and cougar fix all without the need for a cab. 

Well here’s where we’re at 6 years after the opening of Busch II…

To be fair, they made a softball field, but the corner pond is still there. And while it makes it real easy for ESPN to roll into town and park the Baseball Tonight set for a nice TV angle, it’s pretty much the Bermuda Triangle of development. No Hall of Fame. No office space. And now, it looks like, no Hall Of Fame.

What are we doing here people? If we’re going to make it a parking garage, then let’s make it a fucking parking garage. But this idea that something is coming that isn’t a parking garage is just silly at best and a lie at worst. 

Mr, DeWitt, we can’t move on until you put this project out of it’s misery. Till then, we all sit here embarrassed.


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