Bleacher Report Is Just The Worst

It's not something I'm proud of, but I used to write for Bleacher Report. 

I know. I'll have to carry that shame with me as long as I live. It's my burden. 

Today Bleacher Report follows a pretty simple model. SEO Bait. And then SEO Bait some more. Ever do a search for "St. Louis Cardinals"? Chances are you'll see something like this:

They are SEO masters.

And the headlines are even better: "5 Reasons The Cardinals are the SF Giants EASIEST 1st Round Opponent".

WHAAA? My beloved Cardinals are playoff pushovers? *CLICK*

Then I get this:

Or this:

I'll spare you the rest of the list… but if you're leading with a 3-3 head to head record and Chris Carpenters nuts in big games… FAIL.

Doesn't matter to B/R, though. They've got your click recorded. Nearly 1300 as of the time I found this artcile. Written by a man that was encouraged to make a list, even if the list didn't hold an iota of merit.

Just a heads up, I guess. None of this is going to change, until we stop clicking on these silly headlines and make B/R do better.

They can do better.


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