Break Over And The Friday Links

Here we go. Reds

No better way to kick off the REAL start of the baseball season than with a three game kerfuffle with the Reds. (Side: Ho-ly crap, can we raise up off the Pirate’s business for about two seconds ESPN? They had a really good first half. Just like they did last year. Why don’t we wait until September before calling them ‘the real deal’. 19 straight losing seasons do mean something…)

Turns out that TLRs parting shot to Dusty and his band of underachievers was a stroke of genius as people that didn’t represent Cincinnati did a really nice job of beating the AL without their services. Hopefully they were able to watch from a bar somewhere. I think Joey Votto might have blown them a kiss when he did his patented peel off of first and head back to the dugout after another weak grounder in an All-Star game. So that was sweet.

The Cards and Reds have several more games left after this weekend, so this isn’t going to determine the outcome of the NL Central by any means, but I think it’s going to set the tone for the second half. One team is going to be leading, the other chasing – both waiting for the Pirates to fall out of the race.

Here’s to the Cardinals taking this division by the apple bag.

After all, they did head into the All-Star break with a thrilling come from behind win and walk-off slide into home to break that mythical 5 games over .500 wall they’ve been butting up against for the past 2.5 months. And with Lance Berkman scheduled to be activated this weekend, the momentum is shifting into the Cardinals favor.

Welcome back baseball. We’ve had our fill of Jerry Sandusky these past two nights. (Redacted joke here.)

Now, The Friday Links.

That’s it. That’s the week. Let’s go out and try to have the best weekend possible. Each of us is going to have to do our part though. Ready? Break.



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