Bribes, Cardinal Tickets And The Friday Links

March Madness is in full swing, and if you’ve been watching at all, you’ve seen that stupid UPS logistics commercial about 1000 times already. You know, the one lauding a known bastard that steals money from you and doesn’t pay it back.

There’s always a few rotten apples. And the government is no exception. Take for instance Russell Todd. The former director of the VA Hospital in St. Louis just admitted that he used his position of influence to get, well, pretty much everything.

“A former official at the Department of Veterans Affairs pleaded guilty Thursday to accepting illegal gratuities from government contractors, admitting he received roughly $20,000 worth of interest-free loans, St. Louis Cardinals tickets, strip club lunches and other things.” (via STLToday.com)

20K in Cardinals tickets and titty bars? Our staff has spent its fair share of income on both indulgences, but this, mind you, was over a 3 year period. For a guy
that’s old enough to be your grandpa. 

I’m not sure if kudos are in order or not.

But if we needed further proof that St. Louis was really a baseball town, then I guess that lede pretty much says it all. I’d have to assume that the ‘other things’ referenced carried the bulk of that 20K figure… but the minute that son of a bitch accepted Cardinal tickets for less than pure intent? LOCK HIS ASS UP!

Love this city.

Now, the Friday Links…

That’s it. That’s the week. Off to Louisville KY to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s hope that the Luck of the Irish follows you this weekend. Whatever you do, don’t drink any green beer. You’re better than that. 


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