Cardinals Are Honored In St. Petersburg. 15 Years Ago.

What in the hell is going on down in Tampa Bay?

Scanning the news wires for ‘St. Louis Cardinals News’ reveals the normal stories we’d expect to see the morning after a sweep. Bad puns headlining fawning prose, etc al. But one story popped up that caught my attention from the Tampa Bay Times.

“The St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce plans to honor the St. Louis Cardinals…”

Ok then. Another stark reminder to Joe Maddon that he should have manned up and taken the job in St. Louis instead of wallowing in a half-empty stadium filled with tourists and Dick Vitale’s extended family. I’m game, what do we have planned?


I don’t know if I signed up for this. The first graph lede doesn’t seem to make a bit of sense. I read it three times to make sure. And by the fifth graph, we’re now heading into murky racial waters.


More filler later, we finally get to the meat. Looks like the city is making a bunch of plaques to commemorate stuff. I’m down with that. And we find out several sentences later that the idea stems from the Cardinals and their 57 spring training seasons that came to an end in St. Pete last year.

Wait, what?

Haven’t the Cardinals been in Jupiter for like 14 years now? Are Jupiter and St. Pete really close?

Not so close.

1998, eh?  So Tampa Bay Times is taking stories from 1998, re-imaging them to their current site and optimizing them so Google News will find them?

Apparently yes.

Good news, though. The Cardinals have some old ass plaques in St. Pete now that we’re just finding out about on the internet! A belated thanks from Cardinal Nation!


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