Cardinals Hire HUGE Rays Fan To Sing On Opening Day

It’s not a new phenomenon in sports, in fact it’s as old as the tradition of signing the National Anthem before sporting events – record companies send their talent to big events to sing the :90 song and hopefully remind some people watching that they need to buy the _________ album ASAP if they’re on-line or after the game if not.

For some reason every single playoff game in Cardinals history has featured Trace Adkins or Gretchen Wilson.

But whatever. It’s FOX and they’ve spent a ton to air the playoffs. If they get a kickback from RCA, more power to them.

During the regular season a plethora of people will sing the National Anthem. Many of them will be groups of prepubescent kids or church groups. Again, fine. It’s one of 81 games. They all can’t be Charles Glenn.

Opening Day, though. That’s a different story.

It’s the ONLY holiday that is uniquely St. Louis. We do Mardi Gras big and St. Patrick’s Day is growing… but Opening Day is a tradition unlike any other for the city and team.

Clydesdales. The parade of trucks. The legends in red blazers. Fireworks. 

And in 2012, because of the World Series win the team will also be unfurling another championship pole in right field. It’s set to be a tremendous day. And to cap it off, the daughter of former Cardinal pitcher Joe Magrane and American Idol contestant Shannon Magrane will sing the National Anthem.

One thing though. The Tampa Bay Rays not only had her at their opening day, she professed her love for the franchise. Hell, Joe Maddon thinks she’s part of the “Rays Family”?


Really St. Louis? This is who we reward with what should be one of the highest honors in this day of pageantry? Not only are we getting sloppy seconds, but she’s been all over telling her where her heart lies. We all got to sell out from time to time, but on Opening Day? There is still time to get someone here that WANTS to sing on Cardinals Opening Day for reasons other than votes on Idol. 

At least Gretchen Wilson roots for the team. 



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