Carlos Beltran Does BIG Well

Carlos Beltran does big games, well, BIG.

Grand slams, multi-home run games, 6 RBI games. These are dream days for most MLB batters. Mr. Beltran seems to be pumping out one a week.

In an effort to piggy back on better writers, let’s head over to Twitter and see what people are saying about the Carlos…

Bob is one of the most poetic men on Twitter. Seriously, you should follow him if you don’t already.

No one does bitter like a Mets fan.

The longer this season from hell that Pujols is having keeps dragging on, the more I’m not convinced this really isn’t Pujols.

Baseball card guy is already out trying to make a buck off a big game? Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

Oh Sebek. Our thoughts exactly. 



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