David Freese is Almost Done Appearing Everywhere

Fair warning to those who subscribe to ESPN Magazine – be prepared to see this in your mailbox soon:

You could use new paper for the bottom of your birdcage, or a little extra material to toss in the fireplace, right? Thanks a lot ESPN. Really. For the first time, I wish you would have stuck to football.

To make it up to you, I was going to post some really hot pictures of Kate Upton, but I found something much better.

This guy:
FreeseAlive1David Freese has the town abuzz, according to Alive Magazine. We haven’t heard anything, but they’re always a couple days ahead of the trends, so we’ll take their word on it this time.

Wasn’t Hooks talking about Freese’s lack of style a couple weeks ago? Something about always wearing Nike shirts and hats? After sticking to that plan at the Winter Warm-Up, Freese stepped it up a bit for this photo shoot, which should cause vest and henley shirt sales to skyrocket this weekend. Watch out Old Navy, I’m gonna need a cart!