Fun With Google!

In an effort to out-scoop HMW and dig up an even better rap song about Albert Pujols, I took to the Google. I typed in “The Cardinals” and noticed that the second suggested result was interesting:

The Cardinals are coming tra la tra la. Does Mckernan really have that much internet juice? What other search gems were out in cyberspace? Tony LaRussa. What does the world’s most powerful search engine think people looking for the future Hall of Fame skip want to read about?

Ouch! I mean the guy just won his second World Series with the team and this is the thanks he gets? Tough crowd, those search spiders. No way after 11 seasons of killer baseball the internet would turn on Albert Pujols…

Never underestimate the venom of the internet. I guess we didn’t really help, but still… a douche? Ok. Maybe a little bit of a douche the way he dressed. But it’s OK. We can say that now. We’re not rooting for him. And he’s no Lil’ Lil’ Eckstein…

Hmm. Do the blue eyes and blonde hair outwieght the ‘stein’ at the end of his name? Seems like the masses are confused. Let’s go to the excellent resourse, Jew or Not Jew and check. 

Not even ‘a little’.

I guess we could play around with this a bit more. We’ll keep searching and see what Google tells us about the upcoming 2012 season. 



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