Fun With The CD’s Payroll

Coach Mac, longtime Cards Diaspora friend and very occasional contributor, just had a baby. So to honor that baby, we decided to bet a crazy amount of (fake) money on the Super Bowl. 

Here are the bets:

  • CD has New England -2.5 points (L)
  • CD has ‘Heads’ on the coin flip (W)
  • CD has Tom Coughlin to throw the first challenge flag (Mac has Beli-cheat) (L)
  • CD has Madonna’s hair color to be blonde during the halftime show (Mac has the field) (W)
  • CD has the OVER (line 2.5) on # of players to throw a forward pass. (L)
  • CD has ODD on jersey # of 1st player to score TD. (L)
  • CD has OVER on 55 total points. (L)
  • CD has YES on a score in the 1st 5:30 of game. (L)
  • CD has YES on Kelly Clarkson omitting or changing one word of the national anthem. (L)
  • CD has New England -1 point for halftime lead. (T)

Other bets we couldn’t come to agreement on? Time the replay of David Tyree’s catch in the Super Bowl was shown (2.5 line), If Tom Brady’s kid was shown, would he be wearing a mini Tom Brady Jersey (We both liked NO), if Gisele Bundchen is shown would an announcer refer to her as “Brazilian Supermodel…” (We both liked YES), and would Tom Brady’s passing yards plus 63.5 outscore all Big 10 teams playing basketball on Feb 6th (Coach Mac didn’t want to wait days for a bet).

Those are the bets. 

And when you’ve only got one football game left for 7 months, you’ve got to get the action in. Even if you’re jeopardizing a child’s college fun 3 days in.

Update: Coach Mac’s newborn can now have continuing education. Win/Loss/Tie are now a part of the picks. The CD staff will not be happy with their paychecks this month. That’s all I can say. Gah.



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