Here’s What An April Win Looks Like In Chicago

Life hath no more bitter pill than a walk-off loss to the Cubs.

Jason Motte was charged with protecting a twirled gem by Jamie Garcia; he was summarily sauced. Joseph Mather (AKA Joey Bombs to those aroused by former Cardinal prospects) treated the whole situation with as much dignity and class as could be expected.

In other words, it was like a fucking Whitney Houston hotel room up in Wrigley tonight.

I’d say act like you’ve been there before, but, well, you know.

Garcia was yanked 85 pitches in, cementing this notion that Cardinal pitchers are never to see 100 pitches and not to even think about the number 100 or be punished by flogging. Mike Matheny would have been the coolest teacher ever.


A+ young man!

Blown saves happen. Losses to the small bears happen. Pissing away great starting outings happen. But it doesn’t make it any easier realizing that’s 3 hours of your life you’ll never get back.

Cubs, forever and ever, suck.


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