Lousy Cardinal Blog Is A Finalist For an RFT Web Award

Could 2012 be a historic year for your buddies at Cards Diaspora, well before the Cardinals even hit the field for Spring Training?

I think most of our readers have heard of the Riverfront Times, and have probably seen their many “Best of STL” editions. One of their more recent features is the RFT Web Awards, which are a great way to learn about St. Louis blogs, people, products and places that you might miss on your daily routine around the internet. And while we appreciate our readers keeping us abreast (wink) of the best porn clips in the universe, local non-porn blogs need your support too.

We’re all sports junkies here, so the “Best Sports Blog” nominees are intriguing because there might be a new site out there to check out, or if it’s a friend-of-the-site, we can deliver a cyber pat on the back to congratulate them on the job well done. So to our surprise, yesterday we scrolled down and saw this:


Three legit powerhouse local blogs…and us. Somebody made a terrible, terrible mistake and they don’t feel like breaking the bad news about accidentally including the CD.

If you’re asking, “Did Hooks take all the ad revenue from those Tampax ads on the sidebar, and bribe the RFT judges?”, well the answer is yes. Seriously, every other time I look, there’s a Tampax ad over there to the right. We are ganksta ballin’ with this Tampax money rolling in. Sure, I’ll stop…

I think it goes without saying, but we’re completely flattered to be included in that group. There are a LOT of outstanding local blogs that should have been mentioned before us (St. Louis Game Time and Turf Show Times immediately come to mind. The various sections of InsideSTL are pretty good. SB Nation St. Louis is another. And there are countless Cardinal blogs that I could mention; we really get smoked in those Best Cardinal Blog awards.) If you’re a fan of reading anything sports-related on the internet, you should spend a little bit every day reading these sites. We honestly have it good when it comes to fans writing about St. Louis teams. And no matter the sport, the trail of credit always leads to Jack Buck. I say that with all sincerity.

The good news for you is that it’s not a popularity contest or anything, so we don’t have to beg for votes or even “kindly suggest” you click somewhere, create an account, register for a newsletter and maybe cast a ballot if you still have a functional computer after punching a hole through the 13th pop-up ad. But if you want to give bacon or sex to any of the judges, feel free.

The groundwork for Cards Diaspora was set by RVB, and we’ve done our best to continue his efforts. Many thanks (and apologies) go to him.

Hooks may not have said this about himself, but he truly works his ass off, making sure we have something posted every day. Usually a plan like that is a recipe for crap overload, but it’s always a quality three to five minute read. Always. Thanks to Hooks for his leadership, and of course his fearless singing ability.

It’s a pretty cool honor to be mentioned in this category, so thanks to the RFT. We don’t mind a well-deserved distant fourth in that group.

And most importantly: Tampax. We couldn’t have done it without you, Tampax.