MLB Trade Deadline Notes: NL Central

The MLB trade deadline came and went on Tuesday and the Cardinals were predictably silent. They did acquire RH relief pitcher Edward Mujica from the Miami Marlins for 2010 first round draft pick Zack Cox. Traded

So far Mujica is 0-3 with a 4.38 ERA in 2012. He has kept RH batters to a .211 average, though. Effectively positioning himself as the Cardinals replacement Kyle McClellan.

Not exactly Larry Walker stuff here.

Cox wasn’t exactly AAA and with David Freese proving himself to be a 130 game guy and the defacto face of the franchise, Cox was expendable. He wasn’t going to transition to 2B and the Cardinals are OK with corner OF depth. I’ll go ahead and wish him luck, even though it’s been since 2010 when I thought about Zack Cox.

Meanwhile, around the NL Central the Reds made an impact moving by getting Jonathan Broxton from the Royals to set up Aroldis Chapman. Plus, the addition of Joey Votto in a couple weeks will be like acquiring a superstar via trade. The Reds have somehow surged to 11-2 with him sidelined with a knee injury.

The Pirates looked hard at a Justin Upton deal with the D-Backs. And this was a scary idea for the rest of the division. Pair him with MVP candidate Andrew McCutchen and that’s a dynamic top of the order that can beat you in multiple ways. Instead, the Bucs opted to ship less talent out of town and get 1B Gabby Sanchez from the Marlins. In limited action in 2012, Sanchez has stunk.

So at least we can hang our hats on that.

I was going to do a little research on some close/late stats for the Cardinals, but Bernie Miklasz has done it all. LINK HERE

The Cliff Notes version? These boys need to grow a pair. If they were even less than average in 1 or 2 run games in the seventh inning on, then the Cardinals would be right there with the Reds in the NL Central. Instead, they’re in danger of falling to double digits off the pace for the division.

Hell, I guess we could have shortened that up to: they lost a series in Chicago. You think they’re doing good?


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