NLCS Game 3: Wet Fans Leave?

That. Was. Looooooooooong.

I know that we don't have a retractable roof in St. Louis. I know that we probably won't have a retractable roof in St. Louis for the next 30 years. But dammit, why EFFFF didn't they build the new Busch Stadium with a retractable roof?

Prolly the same reason they didn't use real bricks. Cheapsters.

Some thoughts after 7 hours in a ballpark.

1) During the rain delay, they played the full 9th inning of the NLDS Game 5. With audio. I don't have kids, but if I did, I'd imagine this is what you do with them when they start getting fussy. Put them in front of a TV and hope they shut up. Sure enough, when the crowd started getting restless at the 2 hour mark of non-baseball, they put this on and we all shut up and watched.

Then we cheered retroactively. I can't say it wasn't pretty cool.

2) Matt Carpenter = money.

That was a bigger home run than we're going to remember. He wouldn't have been in there if Beltran's "knee" hadn't started hurting and he turned in all the offense the Cardinals needed. People will remember the rain delay, but if Carpenter doesn't get that HR, the Cardinals are probably down 2-1 in this series and fighting for their lives Thursday night.

Carpenter PWNS Matt Cain. (5-5 /4RBIs/1HR)

3) Allen Craig pretty much got benched.

Let's call a spade a spade. When Sugar Shane Robinson is taking your ABs, you just got told. And if you give me this whole needed to complete a double switch junk, I'll toss that right out of here. He got sat. The fuck. Down.

4) Matt Holliday can start hitting any day now. Seriously. Any day.

5) Lastly, to all the people that left the game (eyeball guess, about 20K or so), you are more than welcome to never get a ticket to another playoff game in your life. In fact, inventory should have been taken as people left. And unless you had a flight or emergency at home, you should be on some sort of a black list.

Did I want to sit around for 150 minutes wanking off? Hell no I didn't. But I did, because as friend of the site Bo S. in Denver reminded us… you go to every playoff game you can. Because you never know what's going to happen.

I'm not sure the 'best fans in baseball' leave an LCS game like that.

Going to have to really reconsider just how serious fans are around here with this new found laziness.


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