Pontoon Beach & The Friday Links

What the hell is going on in Pontoon Beach?

The sleepy little southern Illinois town is all over the news this week and before we go any further, please remember that the city is more pontoon than it is beach. In fact, there may never be another city more appropriately named in America.

Last weekend I was in a bar in Edwardsville. The bartender recommended some vodka.

“It’s made in Pontoon Beach”, he said.

Turns out my buddy, who works in the alcohol distribution business, said he’d heard of this vodka and that it’d scored really high on this point system people that care about this shit use. Then on Tuesday, the proprietors of the brand turned up at the Riverfront Times ‘Best Of’ party and I tasted the stuff. It’s actually damn good.

It’s called ‘Mastermind‘ and they’re looking to expand distribution channels. Perhaps Brett Nash of The Beach had a little too much Mastermind when he decided to extort his ‘rich’ neighbor by tossing a toaster and a cat into his mark’s bathtub.

When the FBI gets involved in your kitty hijinks, things have probably progressed a bit to far.

So there you have it. The week in Pontoon Beach Illinois.

Now, the Friday Links…

  • All the best 90′s hits played through that keyboard thing you blow into. LINK HERE
  • The flu season pillow. Actually a pretty good idea. LINK HERE
  • Never trust your friends. Ever. LINK HERE
  • And since we’re on the topic, this is a very true FB status update. LINK HERE
  • The truth. LINK HERE
  • I love this article from the RFT on the Edward Jones Dome improvements. LINK HERE
  • I posted this on Twitter… but it’s still freaking me out. LINK HERE
  • Whoops. Sometimes it really is better to go with the stock photo. LINK HERE
  • A good idea for smuggling cocaine turns wrong in a hurry. LINK HERE

That’s it. That’s the week. We’re only a few weeks away from the pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training where we can get all excited about baseball and then forget about it for a month becuase spring training kind of sucks… unless you’re there. Have a big weekend and don’t forget to call.


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