Rick, Baseball’s Perfect Stick

You know what a Kinesiology major does? 

Neither do I, but I sure as hell hope it isn’t something that invloves cutting on my person at some point, because this e-mail we just got in the CD Inbox leads me to believe that while it sounds impressive, you still have time to worship at the altar of Rick The Dick.

That only leads to the ladies loving you long time. And less Kinesiologing. 

To wit:

I’m currently a junior Kinesiology major at the University of Maryland and a die-hard Nationals fan! We created this site in honor the flame-throwing, power-hitting outfield that is stirring up some crazy talk about the surging Nationals this year. We salute you Rick! Become a part of Ankiel’s Army.  


Anything that involves Rick The Dick is golden on this site: LINK HERE

And while we’re all here clicking links, let’s remind everyone why you don’t wear Red Sox gear to Yankee Stadium: LINK HERE

Oh, and since we’re feel like today is a good day, remember that author of the Shannon Mystery Novel? Well dude sent us some books and we’re going to give them away here soon on the site. So stay tuned for that. You know you want one…



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