STL Has The Most Fantasy Baseball Players

I won my fantasy football league this past year. And while opening this post with that sentence is some part* braggadocio on my part, it’s also relevant.

I’m not a fantasy newbie. I’ve won leagues. I’ve been in the trenches. And I can tell you that Fantasy Baseball is too much. At least for me.

Unlike fantasy football, baseball requires an intense focus, day after day, week after week for nearly two thirds of the year. It’s a relentless onslaught of numbers and reading and comprehension…. AGHHHH!

Too much.

It takes a special kind of baseball nerd to play fantasy baseball. So when Yahoo! did a study to see just who had the biggest concentration of these fantastically dedicated men and women, it just so happened our sleepy little baseball town came out on top.

This is actually the second straight year that STL has topped this list, provided by Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, but the first we’ve heard about it.

I bowed out of the game years ago, but it looks like most Cardinal fans are still playing. Way to go STL. Another reason why we’re the best baseball city in America.

* The only reason for this post was to talk about my fantasy football win. 


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