The All-Star Game In 8 Pictures

Well done Kansas City. 

Thanks to Chevy “Keys To Your City” (LINK HERE) CardsDiaspora.com was able to go to the crap side of Missouri and take in MLBs 2012 All-Star Game. 

By now you know that it was like a run fiesta for the National League sending former Cardinals skip Tony LaRussa out on top. Again. You know that Billy Butler and Robinson Cano are inexorably connected for the rest of their careers. So we’ll take a deeper dive into just what the hell was going on around the game that FOX didn’t cover.

Beer Prices: 

10 dollars for 24 ounces. Not terrible for a premium event, but I think the real story with Kauffman Stadium was the little touches you don’t see anywhere else. Like with this beer, they just give you the 2 by 4 in the can. No muss. No fuss. Just the beer in the can. Lines move quick and nothing is lost in the pour. 

Water, however. (!) Just how far can stadiums push it before Congress get involved.


The bathrooms are clean. Probably because they have people mopping during the game. Just going in and out of the head really keeping it clean. I tried hard to think of another arena or stadium event with courtesy mopping and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this before.

Besides Cubs ownership


Maybe the people in KC have buffalo bladders. Maybe every packed stadium has a :15 second span where you can go in, pee, take out a camera, shoot a pic and leave without seeing another person. But this was a first for me in a place with this many people. 

And yes, this was taken during the game in the 6th inning. 


You can smoke IN THE STADIUM here. I’m not a smoker, but some of the people I was with are. And when I agreed to walk out when they smoked, I thought this was going to be a whole inning ordeal including a walk down three flights of stairs. 


Smoking IN THE STADIUM. They had a bar and everything. People just crushing heat. I wonder if they market this feature?

David Freese:

I loved this simple, yet completely complete description of David Freese on his bio. At first I kind of laughed, then after a few seconds, I was kind like “perfect”. 

Also, that jumbotron is impressive. Very clear. 


KCs signature stadium feature didn’t let down. Maybe you’ve been to the Royals home field, but I hadn’t. And in aggregate, I probably was staring at these for roughly 30 out of the 100 minutes I was in my seats. 

Rich lighting. Solid water formations. Crystal clear quality. I think that more places, including Busch Stadium, could do more water work. 


Boulevard Brewing Company is located in KC and it’s some top notch beer. But having a guy mount a pony keg to his back and tap a cup for you in your seats? That’s above and beyond. I did ask this guy how much that weighed and he said 40 pounds full. 

Red/White/Blue Shirts:

The ones we got before the game to wear came in these little plastic bags. They also came with some Chevy eye black stickers that I annoyed everyone with. I hadn’t ever been to a game where they gave out shirts to look pretty on TV before. So if you hadn’t either, this is what they come in.

That’s it. That’s the trip in 8 pictures.


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