The Cardinals Win The NL Central in 2012!

Shut the season down, people. 

The White Rat has come down from on high (and, presumably fresh off another round of Southwestern Hearing Centers photo shoots) and proclaimed the 2012 NL Central Champs to be… The St. Louis Cardinals.

Further, the rest of the division, sans the Reds stink. But now that Ryan Madson has a bum elbow, the Reds stink too!

From Rick Hummel’s PD article:

“When you look at the Central Division, I don’t think anybody’s going to win more than 85 games other than the Cardinals,” said Herzog. “And with (Ryan) Madson hurt in Cincinnati, I can’t see anybody else in the Central Division winning half their games. I don’t see why the Cardinals would not win that division.”

There you have it.

The don of St. Louis sports management has had his fill of spring training and now it’s off to the post season for the Redbirds. I’m glad it’s settled.

And just for the fun of it, let’s have a video of Whitey and Ozzie Smith bashing the umpiring in MLB while we’re at it. Why not?


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