The First Cards/Cubs Showdown of 2012 Happened Last Night

If you haven’t been keeping up with Baseball IQ on MLB Network, we probably wouldn’t work out as friends. It’s basically a Stump the Schwab-type trivia show about baseball, minus the Schwab (if you don’t know what Stump the Schwab was, well…we are bitter, heated rivals who need to throw down).

Wednesday night, a man by the name Brian Finch represented the Cardinals, and went head to head with a guy repping the Cubs. Finch isn’t just some dork who won a trivia contest, he actually works for the Cardinals as the Manager of Stadium Tours & Museum Outreach.

We’ve seen him on TV before, talking about Cardinals history and their Hall of Fame, and he’s a sharp guy who knows his stuff. At the Uni Watch event last summer, a friend of the site and I had the chance to meet Brian and speak to him for a couple minutes. We’d be pulling for anyone representing the Cardinals on Baseball IQ, but even more because we know he’s a nice, smart dude.

This clip takes us to the final round, in which Finch is down 12-2. Without going over the scoring system, I’ll just say: yes, that’s very bad. But in the last inning, the person losing always has a shot to take the lead and win.

So playing for Cardinals Care charity, could Brian continue the 2011 magic into the new year and pull out a comeback win?

Oof. We were hoping Brian would’ve fared a tad better. At least he wore his ’06 World Series ring (revealed earlier in the episode), graciously allowing Cubs guy a glimpse of what one of those things looks like.

And I’m not trying to be a cocky douche or anything, but I legitimately think I’d do pretty well on Baseball IQ. I can’t imagine it’s an easy task though. Once the cameras start rolling, clock starts ticking and Matt Vasgersian opens his mouth with some lame dialogue, your mind could easily go blank.

Looking at their roster, this could be one of the few wins the Cubs score over the Redbirds this year – so for one Thursday in February, congrats to the Cubs on the victory. Let me find a picture of a “W” on a white flag for you…