Mark Mulder Doesn’t Like This Bachelor Blog

No new episode of The Bachelor last night. Instead the always entertaining “Before The Final Rose” show where all the women are brought back to really drive a stake through their chances of ever having a normal relationship again. BachelorBen

Mission accomplished.

Some thoughts from the episode…

This was the first time that one of the final two contestants was brought on to this show. But the producers knew that the runaway star of this season was The Model, so they had her come on and face the firing squad.

Once again, the Tony LaRussa of Bachelor tactics pulled out of her back pocket the ‘remorse’ card. She cried, apologized and seemed genuinely sorry for her actions. 

Was she? HELLS NO. But after about 2 minutes, she had flipped the script. The other girls couldn’t be overly mean without them seeming like a bunch of jealous bitches. She knew what the move was executed to perfection. 

About mid-way through the show, Mark Mulder and The Sign Guy started making fun of me. That was nice of them. Just wait until the local guy starts showing up on this show this summer. They’re really going to have a field day.

The Winemaker was exceedingly nice to the dumped. No surprise there. Probably the best part of his appearance was Jamie, knowing that he and Courtney aren’t lasting, making a proposition to re-kindle their lap dancing session. Now that’s a girl that’s learning how this works.

JamieOther than that, it was your normal mix of regret, embarrassment and outtakes setting up an epic showdown between Courtney and Lindzi next week for the final rose and an engagement ring that is sure to be pawned sometime before summer.


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