The Saddest Place On The Internet

It's the saddest place on the Internet, friends. The place where all of Ozzie's memorabilia goes to find new homes.

We told you about Ozzie's intent to auction all of his "prized" possessions off earlier this year. (LINK HERE) But now it's here and it's real and we've pulled out the saddest items out of the collection to sigh at. 

Check out the full auction: LINK HERE

What's the worst part here? The fact that Ozzie valued the thing that has made him most famous at less than a Buick Verano (fully loaded) or the fact that these are auctioned up at all? At least some kind soul thought it was worth at least a double wide.

Ok, I'll admit. I don't know what this award is either. But still 0 bids. Does this mean Ozzie gets to at least keep SOMETHING?

Do you think that bid was an accident? No. No you don't. Because this auction of our childhood memories can only can have been conjured up by Lucifer himself.

What, we couldn't have at least made the bid a minimum of 20,000? I love the symmetry of this being the last item on the auction, considering that all our memories are pretty much fucked now too.

Hi. Yo.


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