Things Seen @ Bosnia Vs Argentina Game

Busch Stadium was once again home to international soccer on Monday night. 

This was not Chelsea v Manchester City. This was Bosnia v Argentina. And with the best player in the world on the disabled list (Messi), the casual sporting fan opted to not show up for the match. Estimates vary, but the general consensus is that a little over 30K were in attendance. 

Things were seen.

Maybe it's the more subdued main usage of the facility that had trained me so well. Maybe it's true that American sports fans don't share the same passion for sports as other countries. Maybe I'm just not that observant, but things were definitely seen last night.

Like flares:

Or all of St. Louis' police in the bullpen:

Or people getting caged out:

Or advertisements for things not available in St. Louis:

Heck, we even saw a ton of cigs being smoked in the stands, and at one point, an empty beer bottle got taken and thrown out on the pitch during a controversial call during the second half. 

A memorable night at Busch Stadium. 


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