21 Years Ago Today, Ozzie Was A Simpson

You want to feel old? 

Like really old? 

Well 21 years ago today, Feb 20th 1992, The Simpsons provided FOX with their first ever prime time with the now classic episode "Home At The Bat", besting The Cosby Show and the Winter Olympics from Albertville. 

It was a time where Jose Canseco was used unironically and Ozzie Smith, ahem, still had all his Gold Gloves. 

Erik Malinowksi of Deadspin wrote an entire retrospective on the episode (LINK HERE), but I wanted to point out the Wizzard's excerpt:


St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Ozzie Smith stopped by in early September with his Bart impersonating son Nikko, who himself wound up on Fox television 14 years later as an American Idol finalist. "I knew he was a Simpsons fan and had the Bart thing  down pretty good," Smith told me, "but I didn't know he could do anything like that. " Smith also made sure to work through his script beforehand, unlike his peeved Centerfielder. "I worked on those lines, even though there wasn't really a whole lot  of them," he says. "I just wanted to get the inflections in the right place."

Hard to believe that the Simpsons is still going strong and that a whole group of people were born the day this aired are now allowed to legally drink. 

Now enjoy Ozzie falling off the face of the Earth. Make your own joke about his finances. 

At least we'll always have this…


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