A New Playoff Rally Animal For The Cardinals?

I knew the email was going to be good when it's subject was 'Cardinals Dogaspora'.

Reader Andrew in Virginia (yes, he's one of the 6), has the story about Foster (video/pic below):

My mom is this insane knitter, has always been for years, and so she's always making me stuff and asking me what else I want. I got to the point where I couldn't possibly use another scarf, hat, set of mittens, pot holder, etc. etc. and so just to keep her occupied for a while, asked her to knit my dog a Cardinals dog sweater.

She was racing to get it done in time for the playoffs, and just finished it about two days late.

During the last World Series run, Foster gave me a high five like this after every good play, and he was the only one with me when I joined the rest of the Cardinals nation in freakout at the end of Game 6 – he is a Cardinals fan's best friend.

Well done, mom. 

We're going to need all the help we can get for NLDS GM3, so let's hope that Foster is the one that pulls the Cardinals through.


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