Bruce Jenner Not In Pujols Family Foundation Hat

The split of the century took an interesting turn when rumors started that Bruce Jenner (of Keeping Up With The Kardashians) was sporting a Pujols Family Foundation cap while trying to avoid, then ultimately flipping off, the paparazzi.

A detailed Cards Diaspora investigation found that Bruce is in fact not wearing a AP sanctioned lid:

On first pass (especially with the red shirt), it looks like he might be. 

But with our un-patented zoom technology, we see that it's not this:

The bat angle is much lower, actually Musial level. Is Bruce Jenner disgracing the legacy of the Greatest Cardinal ever?! Or is that actually Katniss Everdeen?!

Probably not. But nothing is impossible with this family.

Also? Great parenting. 

(Photo via TMZ)


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