Cardinals No Fun To Write About Right Now

Fun to watch? Hell yes. Fun to write about? Not really.

Look at _________, man did he get a clutch hit last night. What about _________'s start last night? He was in high school 6 months ago. 

Seriously, friends. If I told you the Cardinals are 17 games over .500 before June let out and Tyler Lyons twirled another gem before the season, you'd be more than confused. You'd be convinced I was wrong.

But here we are. May 28th. 17 games over .500. Tyler Lyons twirled another gem. 

It's like this in Cardinal Nation:

st louis cardinals photo: st louis cardinals cardinals.gif

Thankfully the Bachelorette is back on to fill the void. Otherwise we're playing the most polite game of Mad Libs ever come Flag Day. 


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