Cardinals Sign Ronny UhOhEno

Yes, this news is over a week old. And yes, we're just now getting to it. 

The Cardinals have signed veteran IF Ronny Cedeno to a 1 year deal for 1.15M (plus another 850K in performance bonus incentives) as an insurance policy against the arm of Rafael Furcal. 

Kozmania iced for another year, right?

At first blush, looks like a pretty solid signing. Sure, .247 BA, .290 OBP and .647 OPS aren't going to drop the panties.

But we didn't sign Mr. Cedeno to hit the ball. No sir, we signed him because if pressed into action, he's totally awesome as a leatherman and the dropoff between Furcal and Cedeno will barely be noticeable.

Way better option than Kozma, right? No more infield fly controversy here.

Wait, what? 

Ok, I will go over to Baseball-Reference and look it up. 



Time to get baseball nerd. That -2 number above? Well those represent the number of runs number of runs above or below average the player was worth based on the number of plays made. Not good. 

-10? The number of runs above or below average the player was worth based on the number of plays made.

Furcal is at 33/51 for comparison.

So historically Cedeno isn't a good hitter. He's a pretty average fielder. And he's a former Cub. And Met.

The big takeaway from this signing is two-fold:

1) If Furcal goes down, this insurance plan is probably not State Farm or Allstate. It's more Safe Auto. 

2) If Furcal goes down and you're a huge Pete Kozma fan, your boy might just make this a complete flush of 1.15M dollars by the Cardinals.

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