CD Field Trip: Rogers Centre (Toronto)

So I went to Toronto.

Skydome nee Rogers Centre is home to the Blue Jays who hosted the Baltimore Orioles Saturday afternoon. Here's some pics and observations.

Upon walking in, we see this guy. $20 American: 

Also on the outside of the stadium were two other peculiar things. Some (I assumed commissioned) art work that all my liberal arts classes didn't help me interpret and younger than normal workers. This guy sells programs outside. And DOES NOT negotiate:

Beer inside was supposed to be cheaper than Busch Stadium. I'm terrible at math, but I don't know how this could be. Turns out we'd be rewarded later with the metric system…

You know who I love again? Colby 'Fire Burning' Rasmus. Dude won me a 20 dollar bet with a 2-run home run. I'm back in 100% on Rasmus. Though, there was talk of heading out to an empty center field seat and just busting some balls about LaRussa or chili dogs.

A foot long in Canada. Fade the metric system. 

Very protective of the logo. Must be a hockey thing or something. And yes, that's paint on AstroTurf. By the way, is Toronto the only MLB team to have company logos on the actual playing field? Have the purists not seen this? That story link is pretty old. 

Did I forget to tell you that they hand out FREE SEEDS before games? 

Some other observations in no particular order:

1) We get screwed in prizes in St. Louis. In this one game, a dude won a LAWNMOWER… a lady got $1,000 to the Jays gift shop… and we're making people do cardio for 1/2 off a buffet at Lumiere Place. In fairness, the $1,000 I think was a 'Make-A-Wish' deal, but I know for a fact that a dude got a LAWNMOWER!

2) The PA announcer was nails. Great voice.

3) In the TD Club where we sit, they have figured it all out. There is a stable of hot women and men that take your order. and then some other shlub runs it out to you. The models keep asking if you're 'alright' and someone always has to order something. Pretty brilliant sales strategy.

4) You didn't get the sense that anyone really cared all that much at the game. I can promise you that after Rasmus hit that home run, I was the loudest guy in the stadium. By far.

So if you're even in Toronto, go to a Jays game. They treat you good. 


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