Happy Birthday America

It's your birthday. 

Here's a list of at least 30 people that wished America a happy 2,013th birthday on Twitter: LINK HERE 

And if you've paid attention to anyone, you've probably heard a story or 300 about the 'Downfall of America'.

People are convinced that our demise is on the horizon and ( ___________________ ) is the reason why.

But we're not. 

The United States has always been about change. Some of those changes help us, some of them hurt us.

But the most beautiful thing is that we have the ability to enact it, change it or create a whole new way/thing that will change the entire conversation all over again.

We live in a land of opportunity. Where everything you want can be yours if you're smart and willing to work hard. It's not going to be easy, and that's good. Because nothing worth earning is easy.

237 years isn't a long time for a country. If we pull out our history books, we'd find that the U S of A is still a toddler. Learning as we grow up. 

We're not near the end, we're only in the beginning. 

All of us have the power to shape where we go. And there is nothing more American than that.

Except for Ron Swanson.


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