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Live Blog: Albert Pujols’ First Game Against Cardinals


Because Albert Pujols' first at bats against the Cardinals are never happening again. It's the date that Pujols saw on the schedule when it was released this winter and highlighted.

Whatever is ailing him feels better tonight. He knows we're watching. 

We kind of forget that the Angels paid him $254 million dollars because he's the best player in a generation… not because he sucks.

When he was a Cardinal, he LIVED for games like this. I'm not asking for a big game, but I'm calling one. Too much pride on the line, plus Lance Lynn knows what he's facing.

So we'll break down each at bat and then give them grades.

People love grades. 

We'll use the F minus through A plus scale, with effectiveness for the Angles on the A side. So let's root for F's, people.

Grainy screengrabs from the TV will also be used, if appropriate. If something historic happens, then a Vine might be employed. It's going to be a wild, wild post. 


TIME OF AB 1: 9:21 CT

BALLS/STRIKES: 3/3 (6 Total)

PITCHER: Lance Lynn

RESULT: Strike Out. Followed by a throw 'em out at second. 

GRADE: F MINUS (Can't get worse than that.)

PIC: Futility.

TIME OF AB 2: 9:47 CT

BALLS/STRIKES: 2/3 (5 Total)

PITCHER: Lance Lynn

RESULT: Strike Out

GRADE: F PLUS (At least it wasn't a double play? But with runners on 1st/2nd, got to put it in play.)

PIC: The Rally Killer.

TIME OF AB 3: 10:39 CT

BALLS/STRIKES: 4/2 (6 Total)

PITCHER: Lance Lynn


GRADE: B MINUS ( A walk is never a bad thing, you know, unless you have foot problems.)

PIC: The Most Painful 90 Feet. 

TIME OF AB 4: 11:14 CT

BALLS/STRIKES: o/5 (5 Total)

PITCHER: Michael Blazek

RESULT: Ground out to 3B.

GRADE: D (Up late with a big lead. Ended a 3 up 3 down inning. )

PIC: Let's Get This Over With. 

Final thoughts on the night: Well, that sucked. Pujols goes 0-3 with a walk, but the Cardinals get whupped again, 5-1. As Pujols goes, the Cardinals go. 

Same as it always was, I suppose. 


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