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Mitchell Boggs Is Mike Matheny’s Sylvia Rosen

Let me get this straight… use new guys that aren't Fernando Salas and Mitchell Boggs and win a bunch of games. Use guys that are Fernando Salas and Mitchell Boggs and lose a bunch of games. 

If you're Mike Matheny, what do you do? What. Do. You. Do?

Let's establish that the Cardinals offense was mitigated by Jason Marquis. (Yes, THE Jason Marquis). 2 runs aren't going to win you many games. Ok, we good here? 

Then let's move to the 6th inning.

1) Shelby Miller gets into some trouble. He puts runners on 1st  and 2nd, but has 2 outs. Pitch count at 107. Perfect situation to leave a rookie in for 1 more batter, let him work out of his own jam and leave the game after six with the chance for the win.


2) Matheny pops out of the dugout for… Fernando Salas. Quick, name a Padre batter (LULZ, you couldn't, could you?) Doesn't matter to #TossedSalas. He promptly gives up back to back hits and puts Miller on the hook for a loss instead of a win. Helping Miller's 'Rookie of the Year' bid.


3) In the 7th, down 1 on the road, Matheny just can't help himself. If he has Boggs in that bullpen, he's going to bring him to the mound. He's the effing Don Draper of baseball. Boggs is his Sylvia Rosen. At this point all we're missing are the cigarette butts outside the clubhouse door.

Al can barely start slobbering over Mitchell's newfound mechanics before he gets tagged for a HR on his SECOND PITCH! 

He got out of the inning, though, and the Twitter went wild with support:

4) It was 4-2 and the game ended with a whimper. The Cardinals have now lost 5 in a row @ Petco field. 

I thought we were through this Salas Boggs phase. I thought the Cardinals were in a better place. I thought that the GM publicly forcing your hand was lesson enough for the un-tenured manager of the Birds.

Nope. Another bullpen loss.

And you still can't name a Padre.


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